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“Bill Baird may be one of the more astounding songwriters tangling up tape in America right now. ” – RCRDLBL

Sunset, the indie-pop recording project for Austin, TX native Bill Baird.  Baird describes Sunset as a project “still very much in its formative stages, [which] will probably remain that way for the duration of the project.” The dynamic nature of his approach to songwriting leads to an always-evolving sound, one constantly reaching for its true shape yet never settling in one form.  This goes a little ways towards explaining Sunset’s prolific output.  In the three years Sunset has been a band, there have been five full-length albums, multiple limited edition tour releases, a seven inch, and a number of Bill Baird solo albums.

Sunset’s 5th album, Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too, is set for release in October 2010.

Autobus releases:

Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too
Bill Baird
Gold Dissolves to Gray

Loveshines II 7″
The Glowing City
Bright Blue Dream

Pink Clouds

Other releases:

Sunset Eternally Dead cassette

Bill Baird Decay cassette

Bill Baird Songs the Sound of Myself as Sung by Others

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